1. Play fair
  2. Play often
  3. Drink beer
  4. Look after the shuttles
  5. In the event of an all Headingley trophy final the captain of the higher placed team is required to stand a round for all members present.  Non members, family and friends of members must buy their own.  Visiting ex-members may mooch if popular enough.  All present must bring such stuff as pies, flumps, butties and other suitable sporty fare for a picnic whilst the match is in progress
  6. Club colours are blue, in honour of Coldstream Guardsman Les Fryar, who gave so much to this club.  Club motto is Nulli Secundus (Second to None) for the same reasons
  7. Rule changes must be agreed by the club committee, except when run by a dictatorship
  8. Match play is by the rules of the Leeds & District badminton league and Badminton England
  9. All juniors (under 16) must be accompanied by an responsible adult carer or parent
  10. If there are more players than spaces on court, take turns and don't go straight back on after finishing a game
  11. Take turns to play with new members
  12. Be honest - find somebody collecting and pay your subs